Lapchajagat....haater muthoy Kanchanjunga


This time we had another bike experience towards the majestic mountain of West Bengal. Here we resembles me and my paternal brother Amitabha Sarkar (bapi da). Bapi da is 4 year senior to me but we have a very friendly relationship rather than family relations. On first day we started our journey at 1230 hrs from my home at Balurghat.  
Start from Home

                        we reached to Nagor( NH-34 near Raiganj) and had a fifteen minutes break

At Nagor
                     and later we had our lunch at Dalkhola- Sonali Line hotel

Lunch at Dalkhola

Again started our journey. We had another break at toll office near Siliguri and finally reached Siliguri at 8 pm. Next morning we headed towards our destination at Lepchajahat.

Lapchajagat is actually situated in between Ghoom (8 kms) and Mirik (23 kms). Our route map is as follows Balurghat---> RAiganj----> Siliguri-----> Sukna-----> Rohini-------> Kurseong-------> Ghoom--------> LEPCHAJAGAT------> Sukia------> Shimana-------> Pashupati Nagar (Nepal Border)------> Mirik------> Matigara------->-------->Balurghat

While crossing Sukna forest some movements at forest flashed on our eyes. We stopped at that spot and saw a group of elephant. 

at Sukna forest

Elephant at Sukna forest

View opposite of Sukna foiest


We took snaps. Looking at us the people passing by started gathering. We have heard a proverb:- "morning shows the day". with hope and luck I changed my motorcycle gear. we stopped after Sukna to an open space near military fire testing camp and took snap there.

Near Military Fire testing camp- Sukna


Military fire testing camp on my backside

Later we had breakfast at Rohini. Momos were mouthwatering. I love the chaatni specially. Next we stopped near a spot at Kurseong ....gave a break for 15 minutes clicked here and there.




 Next we halted at Kurseong market place and had a transaction at ATM. Then we headed towards Ghoom. while marching towards we had many breaks for being a part with natures welcome view.


Ghoom 3 kms ahead

Near Ghoom
             into the mist              

 The scenic beauty hold my hand and keeps me there watching her change with the passing of clouds. The sun playing with nature giving a role of hide and seek. I am feeling warm with "his" appearance, but when "he" hide...I feel chilling cold and start rubbing my palms. I cannot actually express my feelings. The nature is also playing like a kid with me and laughing ....watching my body movements. Finally we crossed Ghoom at 1500 hrs and again took a short break.

5 kms after Ghoom

 Sun have totally disappeared for that day...we were covered with clouds and get wet with tiny droplets...we cannot find object located at a 5 meter distance. We have passed time nearly about 1 hour at that place. Finally we reached Lepchajagat at 1700 hrs. Our welcome from nature was superb! We are into clouds...hardly to find anything.




 We were welcomed by Paasang Bomjang (mobile- +91 9593565309), owner of Kanchankanya Homestay.

Map of Lepchajagat and sarrounding areas

Map of Darjeeling area 

 Lepchajagat is small village near Ghoom (8 kms) and Mirik (23 kms) and 15kms from Darjeeling. Darjeeling town (mountain) is just in front of the Lepchajagat Village(mountain). For staying West Bengal Tourism department have a Forest Bungalow. But it is better to stay at Home stay of sherpas.Tasty dishes and homely atmosphere makes your journey beautiful. The view of Kanchanjunga from Lepchajagat is awesome. I always try to find a silent place. For me Lepchajagat is 10/10 if you are trying to be a place full of silence and away from traffic. At night we get our body feel warm by fire chullas.


Fire chullas

Modern Fire chulla or Room heater

 We had our dinner .....ohhh I cannot forget those tasty dishes.

Musur daal, Alu bhaaji, Chicken jhol, Bhaat and pahari chaatni

 Next morning I started trekking on a mountain...10 minutes from our homestay for watching sunrise at Mt. Kanchanjunga.


view from our home stay

 Later after having breakfast 


 we satarted for Sukia and Do Pokhri. Roads are unforgettable....beatually curved by nature....dense Pine forest....

roads towards Sukia


pine forest

Road between Do Phokri and Simana


 Later we halted at Shimana...a place near Nepal border where you can find Nepali people selling Nepali grocerries.You can also have a look at nepali villages from Binoculers offered by them. We bought a 2.5 kg Deshi Chiken and fried on smoke fire chullas at night.

Roasted Chicken

Roasting going on...

At night again we had tasty Dinner.....Yummy 


 Afternoon we roam at Darjeeling which is only 15 kms from Lepchajagat.

Me at Ghoom Station

Darjeeling Mal road

Batasia Loop

View from Batasia

Next day is our return trip to home....We started our journet at 0800 hrs. We halted at Pashupatinagar, bought Nepali goods...jackets and then had our lunch at Mirik. Before Mirik we halted at a place bought a famous tea of that of the tea is GOPALDHARA tea.

On the way to Mirik

after we start from Mirik...we saw Orange forest and n numbers of oranges at trees.


 Finally one word I can say that the trip was AWESOME!!!


  1. Very nice photographs, can you please provide the information about cost of accommodation & food and also the transportation cost for pick drop from NJP & sightseeing

    Debanshu Chakraborty


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