Uttare trip- West Sikkim

We had a memorable bike trip to Uttare - west sikkim. Here we resembles me and Suman Das. Suman is like a younger brother. I know Suman from last 1 year. He is a good and a energetic guy. I come to know that he love travelling from our last trip discussion with him. Suman have many hobbies ... Among many of his hobbies I know He plays guiter very well, and he is a good body builder.

We started our trip on Day 1 from our Balurghat home. I am the only driver who drived 1100 kms of our journey. We started our journey at 8:00 am . Atfirst I was really worried about Suman about his presence in our trip, but atlast he proved that I am wrong. The road conditions from Balurghat to Raiganj is awsum. But from Raiganj to Dalkhola, headache starts. The plus point of riding enfield thunderbird or simply TBTBTS is u will not get tired of riding but the main problem is who sitting qt back. We reached Siliguri at nearly 2:30 pm and directly rushed into bullet servicing center which was my main motto for riding a long journey. We took shelter at Kanchanjunga Lodge at Sevoke road mor. Hotel is okay but too costly for us. Later we started our sikkim trip on Day 2 at 7:30 am and took a photo session near Sevoke forest near Sevoke. Later we had our breakfast at a small resturent at Sevoke.

We had wai wai . My favourite. Suman had wai wai for the first time and got fan from that day. Later we head towards Melli from where we diverted towards Jorthang road. The road conditions from Melli to Jorthang is pathetic. We got engulfed by dhulo or dust that It takes nearly half an hour to refresh at Soreng. One thing I forgot to tell that we wrongly went towards singtham without diverting towards Jorthang. Jorthang is a very small disciplined town. I withdraw cash from Jorthang bazaar sbi atm. Later we head towards Soreng. In between we halted a place near Kitam Bird Sanctuary gate , diversion point towards Zoom road.

The roads towards Zoom is pathetic and steep. I first time ride my tbts into such very steep road. While riding, I noticed my ear gets blocked due to high altitude and watched the change to trees and flowers. Atlast we reached Soreng and had our lunch ... Again Wai Wai. Again we had photosession out there. From there we head towards Uttare leaving behind Kaluk and Hee Bermoik. We stopped near Singshore bridge which connects between Dentam and Uttare.

Singshore bridge is the secong highest suspension bridge in Asia.

We started clicking here and there... At the bridge ... Everywhere... If you stand at the centre of the bridge, you will get frightened. When any vehicle crosses through the bridge, that bridge starts to swing .... Later we headed towards Uttare after spending nearly one hour at Singshore Bridge. At 3:30 pm we finally reached Uttare. Uttare is beautiful silent valley covered up by nice mountains.

There are atleast 5 hotels where one can stay. We halted at hotel Lake View... After negotiating room rate .... Finally we got at Rs. 600 per day basis. We took second floor room.... Here I mentioned 'took' because we are the only customer in that hotel.

Uttare may not be a memorable place for everyone because there is no such things to attract tourist. But if anyone searching a place full of silence and searching a place to have a knowledge about Wild... This place is a must for such visiter. Escape yourself into the silence of nature and mesmerising tasty meals.... Uttare is for U.

Day time temperature is somewhere between 10 and 11 . But after the sunset... Environment starts cooling like a refregerator. 

On Day 3 , we started our first trekking through legs is very short trip to Mainbas falls.

Mainbass falls is said to be a secret waterfall 4 kms from our hotel to mountain. Way to Mainbas fall is jig jag and is very tough and rough... We took nearly 1.5 hour to reach the destination. After reaching the point I forgot the toughness. All my pain went away. Oh... What a beauty created by nature. At first we thought that we will take a bath in that falls but we forgot to bring towel and plan cancelled. I never forget the sound of the falls ... Its really different... That place will remain as far as I remember myself. Above the rock from where the falls started lies moumacchir chak(honey bee nest)...

That exists from last 50 years as the local people told us. While on return we bought Traut fish from villagers @ Rs.800  per kg and ordered our hotel staff to make tasty dish of traut fish at dinner.

We had a great time spend at our day 1 trip at Uttare

Next day we were confused about our plan . We have two options:

Option 1:- trek to Borong by motorcycle stay there for 1 night ... Then climb down to Namchi ... Stay there for one night and return to Balurghat 

Option 2:- trek to Phoktedara, it takes two days and a night

Actually we have only 3 days in hand...

After numeruous hit and trials ... And after wasting 2nd day(Day 4) at Uttare our plan for option no. two succeeded.

Day 5- we started our trekking from 10:45am taking a guide cum porter towards Phoktedara.

Phoktedara is a hill top above 16000 ft from where 360 degree view of various mountain peak e.g. Mt Kanchanjunga, Mt. Everest, Mt Kumbhakarna, Mt. 3 sisters etc.

Our journey to phoktedara is divided into 2 part. First night climb upto Chouha border and next day climb to Phoktedara and return back.

We took wai wai for our dinner and next day breakfast and lunch.... Only wai wai.... iss

We had to pass through forest ... The journey is somehow boring ... As because we have to just climb and climb. There was no proper way towards phoktedara... 
 After climbing 3.5 hours up... We reached Chitterey.. It is a police camp. Chiterey is also a velley.... On reaching Chitterey one place striked me... I.e same place I found while playing IGI at my pc!!!! Oshadharon jayga.

Next from Chitterey to Chauha is very steep and danger paths... Very steep ... And oxygen level goes lower and breathing trouble starts.... While in this trek we heared various songs from Birds. We saw various type of Rododendron. We collect many type of stones. Also we had one type of nut type fruit while climbing. We climb from one mountain to another , through forest .... Walking through the clouds into the forest. The situation at that time is awsome which cannot be 

Atlast at 5:00 pm we reached Chauha border. Chauha border is a Indo- Nepal Border. There temperature is below zero. Our guide dada build tent for three of us.
For the first time in my lifetime I spend night sleeping at tent. Experience is awsome. We had wai wai at dinner which is not atall acceptable for both of us as because we want rice . After seeing police and guards having rice dal at their dinner at their barracks.

We woke up at day 6 early in the morning .... It was freezing cold out there. We started our last trek to Phoktedara.  This is really lifetime experience on climbing such a very high peak at 16000 ft.

But clouds..... Soitan clouds.... We cannot watch properly all the ranges. After numerous hide and seek between mountain and clouds, we finally able to watch those which were on our targets.... i.e. Mt Everest and others ...

Oh what a nazaara.... I wish I could bring Puchu(my wife) out there and stay there whole day and night. That place is not leaving me .  But we have to go.... Time to move on.... We climb down to chauha border again... Request to serve us bhaat from police and guards and finally settled . We had bhaat, daal and rai saag .... Which was amrito for us at that time. In exchane we gave all our wai wai packets, traut fish bhaaza which we bought from Uttare to the kitchen police gaurds. 

So at 4:30 pm we climb down to Uttare

We had started our next day no. 7 ... There is no Atm at Uttare and our cash was finished after paying to Hotel. Still payment to our Phoktedara guide is pending. We took him riding 3 of us to Dentam for atm ... But alas! Atm at Dentam was closed! We then ride to our next atm center Peling which is 37 km from dentam... While riding towards Peling... unforgetable nature force me to stop my bike and experience its beauty.

At peling after paying our guide ... We went towards helipad for magnificient view of Mt. Kanchanjunga range.
After spending half an hour at Peling we headed towards Legship.... And finally reached Siliguri via Namchi at 2:50 pm. After having lunch ... We again started for Home and finaaaly reached at 8:30 pm at Balurghat.

Our Route map
Thats all about my Bike Trek to Uttare!
My Bull...
Suman @ Phokte

Suman @ Sinshore bridge

Our Guide cum Portar dada

Traut fish

At Phokte
Towards Phokte 

Icy grass
Very high

I m free
We r above clouds

Suman @ tent
Model Suman

Phokte dara


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